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Here are some videos we know will be helpful

to anyone installing PixelLights.

Let's Get Started:

The following videos are to get your familiar how channel/track work on your roof line.

Channel Video Tutorials:

Installing Pixel Lights into pre drilled channel/Track

This is one way to install your channel on peaks. Simple planning knowing the distance to peak of how many lights is needed. Take that measurement divide by 9 to see how many lights on that run.

Pixel: How Strong are Pixel Lights in the channe

I get asked about how the Pixel Lights attach to the channel. As mentioned he was not a fan of that. The lights has barbs around the bulb area that grab the metal to stay attached. The six barbs when pushed into the hole it makes a pop noise that you know it's in. This video is to show how tuff the bulb and wires are to stay in the channel.

Soffit Back: Down Flush Mount Channel Installation

Pixel Lights MJ channel is our most veridical for may uses installing Pixel Lights. Depending on how you like the lights facing out or facing down. It can be attached to face of fascia, under soffit, under gutter on fascia and or against the wall under eves.  Great cost savings helps keep pricing down and without losing look or style because of the small 3/4 inch profile.

Under Soffit Facing Down: MJ Channel

This MJ channel is being used showing face down. This low cost way of mounting Pixel Lights 3/8 diameter or less lights can be mounted with this channel. Also versatile to have spacing 3 to 9 inch. We have many colors to match your install.

Lights to Fascia & Eaves: Flush Mount Channel

This is a way to mount to different surfaces not only fascia but also to stucco homes that do not have wood fascia. Choosing your color of channel can be roof tile color, bird stop, or stucco color.

Lights: Channel Install Under Gutters Flush Mount

Pixel Lights MJ Channel/Track is used multiple ways. Drilled to face lights down for walls wash look. Or drill to face out like traditional Christmas lights. it all depends on the look you want. This is the most affordable way and save lots of money installing permanent holiday lighting.

Mount lights on gutter without drilling holes.

J channel is one of the easiest way to install pixel light on a gutter. This faces the lights out to give that traditional holiday lighting look. Simply attach J on top edge with self tap screws. It's light weight and don't block top or inside of gutter. No drilling holes in face of gutters. This is the most economical money saver way to mount permanent leds on gutters . Also this may be used for flat roof and or commercial building that have flat caps around building.

LED Channel Installation Below Gutter Flush Mount

Permanent LED below gutter flush mount is for those that don't have gutters or don't want to install on the gutter. It also can be used to ad another row of lights giving other effects on the lighting on your home.

Lets Get Your App and Lights Connected.

Mobile App Video Tutorials:

Part 1 A brief guide to help all users with the Pixel Lights app!

The video will go over key features of the app and explain how to use them.

Part 2 A brief guide to help users set up their Pixel Lights Controller.

Goes over how to set up the amount of lights in the controller, and a short explanation of zones.

Part 3

Learn How to Become an Installer?

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