PixelLights Splitter

A splitter is used to branch off and go to a dormer or high peak. The splitter allows the main light wires to continue in a straight line. With the two outlets on top of the box, you can go in two different directions. Simply screw the connectors together to create a waterproof seal. Splicing, soldering, taping, or heat shrinking are not required.

IMPORTANT! When using a splitter, you must set the appropriate LED count for each output. This is accomplished by correctly positioning the small switches on the circuit board.

The Splitter guide will assist you in determining the correct settings.

Kit Include:

  • 1 Splitter Box

Note! This is not power injection and does not need power to operate.

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If you have dormers, high peaks that have a unlit wire longer than 8 ft. to reach them.  A splitter will be needed to provide strong clean data and power. Splitter allows your Pixel Light Strings to divide into two different branches!

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