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Because of our experience, we established a new division within our painting business.

I was tired of putting the lights up and upsetting my wife. I wanted to free up the endless hours of putting up lights every year on our two-story home. If you're just like me, then I'm sure that's why you're even here. I hired a company to install my permanent lights, and what a mess that turned out to be. After a week of a part-time installer that was supposedly trained, His cuts on the channel looked a mess, and with wires showing every which way along with broken siding, I had enough. But wait, that's not all; their control box was installed, and two people couldn’t figure out how to make it work. There had to be a better way!

After working with a company that didn't have anyone to install in our town. After 3 years of being on my own and learning on my own, it was time to move on. We found a more cost-effective and simple system to install with way better quality. Pixel Lights

All this could not have been done without my dear friend John Froese (Jon Frazy),  John believes in the permanent lighting business as the hottest trend. His heart and soul go into the research he does and really know is stuff, which makes doing this fun. He knows that Pixel Lights is a winner because of the simplicity of the system. With the channels and starter kits we sell, installation is simple. With his Google Roofline Measuring, John can't wait to assist you with your planning and design.

Darryl Stewart - President of CCULEDs

Custom Permanent LED Installer

Serving: Las Vegas & Southern Utah

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What is that? You know how easy it is to do. Now install a neighbors house and make extra money.

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