Why I Started Permanent LED Installs

This site is created by a self-employed painting contractor. That was tired of putting lights up and upsetting the Misses. I wanted to free up the endless hours of putting up lights ever year on our two story home. If you're just like me then I'm sure that is why you're even here. I hired a company to install my permanent lights and what a mess that turned out to be. After a week of a part time installer that was supposedly trained. His cuts on channel looked a mess and wires showing every where along with broken siding, I had enough. But wait that's not all, their control box was installed and two people couldn’t figure it out how to make it work. There has to be a better way!

What I saw I knew I could do myself. I am a painting contractor by trade, so I have the ladders and the safety first common sense to do this type of work. So I set out on a mission. It didn't take long and I found EverLights in my own state. I ordered a control box that was already programmed and setup to plug and play. I first started with version 2, and since then I have upgraded to version 3. I also ordered the color changing LED lights and so off I went cleaning up the mess the TL guys made.

With all the time I spent looking for Christmas lighting systems and watching hours of YouTube videos, Everlights was a no brainer. What impressed me the most was it only takes a starter kit that includes everything except the lights. You'll see when you watch the material list video. Download material list pdf add quantity of items. Shop at DIYLEDSTORE.COM and with a few clicks your order is ready. Its that simple, so if you're handy and you want it to be the last time to put up your lights, then you have come to the right place.

Next you may have questions and I am personally here to help you with just a phone call away. This is what I experienced in our area without using channel because of a lot of vinyl siding and metal fascia with soffits. Unfortunately my drip edge/flashing is d style so the lights would not fit. So I had to use channel in some places. Half of the lights are mounted in channel and other half on the gutters. Gutter you say, yes these lights mount in top groove of seamless gutters and the wire is protected in that groove. Snuggly fitting with a o-ring and cap the lights are waterproof and still work year after year.

The channel I used is standard 7/8 J metal with one bend that I bought at Home Depot. Being in the trades, I simply asked a siding friend to bend it for me. We now have our own break to bend metal and make our own for the jobs we do. Now your able order from us in multiple colors to work with your installs.

Since my install, I wanted to help share these amazing lights with others. I worked with Everlights to support Dealers and create a plan to help market the Everlights Brand. In return I am able to work in my area as a dealer for installs. Covering Las Vegas & Southern Utah. NOT NO MORE.Things change Everlights open corporate office in southern Utah and started selling and installing in our area. Not given me leads and no support. So I have moved on with better systems you'll see on this site.

So off I went to set up a display for Events and Home Shows. Then COVID-19 hit and all Home Shows and Events were all canceled. I needed to find a way to share permanent LEDs and decided to create this store for the DIY Market. It's here that I look forward to helping you in having a big bright colorful home or business.

Darryl Stewart - President of CCULEDs

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