MJ Channel (6'ft)

MJ Channel (MJC)

This modified channel is a low cost altnernative that we use on our installs. The 3/4 inch profile works in so many different areas.  It allows lights to face outward (like triditional Christmas Lights) or downward (to reflect off your home called Wall Wash). It's designed to be installed under eaves, soffets, gutter systems and fascia under drip edge.

This product comes predrilled to 9" spacing for the PixelLights applications, Sold in 74" lengths only to fit 6' pixel lights cable. It is recommended to get a couple of extra pieces in case of a bad cuts or an accidentally damaged piece during installation.

*Due to screen resolution limitations, product colors may not be exactly as shown

Item Ordering: Sold by total feet. Shipped in 6' sections ONLY (we will round up)

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Sold by the 6' ft piece ONLY - 6' min
This is a custom order piece and will ship separately from your lights, usually taking 1 week to be made.  All sales are final so be sure of the color prior to ordering.
*Due to screen resolution limitations, product colors may not be exactly as shown.

DIY Tip: Due to shipping weight costs, some installers use a local source to purchase metal. Then use tape to space holes to drill 9" apart and even get a local shop to pre-bend if needed. Eave Trim channel colors will never color match to existing homes trim due to the sun's UV damage. 

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