Premade Unlit Extension Cables

Premade Unlit Extension Cable | by the lengths

Unlit jump cable (no lights) with male and female connectors 

They are used between light cables where no LED bulbs are needed. Like running up to a second level dormer or high peak

Tips:  These 3 different lengths of unlit cables (2 ft, 5 ft, and 10 ft) will create the desired length needed to reach RGB lights.

For lengths longer than 20 ft, there needs to be one 1 ft RGB light cable between two 10 ft unlit cables. This keeps the data clear until the end of the run.

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Lengths of unlit cables available: 2' ft. | 5' ft. | 10' ft.

Simply select the length you want and change the quanities in the popout side cart.

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