Pixel Lights RGB LED cables (extras)

Our unique Pixel Lights are waterproof, durable, and energy efficient, guaranteeing you’ll enjoy your permanent outdoor lighting for years to come.

  • Easy for anyone to install
  • 24 volt, ultra-low-voltage to keep you safe and save you money on bills
  • Extension cables (sold separately) Screw together for a waterproof seal
  • No soldering, taping, crimping or adding heat shrink to wires
  • Detailed installation guides are available for download


  • Sold in 6ft | 2.5ft | 1ft cable sections ONLY
  • Individual pixels are spaced every 9.5 inches
  • Recommended to space holes every 8 to 9 inches apart for installation
  • Lights are installed in a 3/8-inch hole drilled into your gutters or aluminum channel

*Note* No power boosters or data buffers needed!

​Use of this product may require periodic maintenance, including but not limited to, replacing a light bulb.

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