PixelLights LED Channel Kits

Now that you've finished with your planning and design. You should have your shopping list completed to order your system. Starter kits are the simplest way to jumpstart the ordering process. 

Installation guides are available for download

Sold by the 6 Foot piece ONLY - 6' min
Kits Include: 6ft PixelLights LED Cables + 6ft PreFinished Channel

6' ft sections of PreFinished metal, pre-drilled in either flush or 90 degree, to easily install LEDs to eaves and/or soffit areas. This is a custom order piece and will ship separately from your lights, usually taking 1 week to be made.  All sales are final so be sure of the color prior to ordering.
*Due to screen resolution limitations, product colors may not be exactly as shown.

DIY Tip: Due to shipping weight costs, some installers use a local source to purchase metal. Then use tape to space holes to drill 9" apart and even get a local shop to pre-bend if needed. Eave Trim channel colors will never color match to existing homes trim due to the sun's UV damage. They are only designed to be similar colors in a straight line. From the curb they add charactor to the eaves. For perfect color matching please consult a local painter.

Item Ordering: Sold in 6' foot pieces only with PixelLights LED cables included per piece.

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Include: 6ft PixelLights LED Cables + 6ft Channel

This product comes in most colors to closely match your home’s trim.  It is designed to be installed in the absence of gutters or drip edge flashing, or used instead of affixing the lights to those elements already on your home.  It can be helpful when leaf filters are present, the drip edge flashing is too tight to fit lights behind, or the shingles wrap the edge of a peak.

The product comes prefinished and predrilled. It is sold in 6′ft pieces ONLY.  It is recommended to get extra footage in case of a bad cut or an accidentally damaged piece during installation.

All sales are final so be sure of the color prior to ordering.

Screws are not included and should be purchased from your local hardware store. We recommend a screw every 3-4 lights.  When attaching it is very important the screw does not puncture the cables.

*Due to screen resolution limitations, product colors may not be exactly as shown

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