EVERLIGHTS Color Changing LEDs - 25'

EVERLIGHTS Color Changing LED Lights (25')

IMPORTANT! Shipping Notes: Each LED Reel of lights can actually hold 50' of lights, but it is ordered 25' at a time. So for example if you order 100' of lights you will receive (2) Reels @ 50', not (4) Reels of 25'.

DIY tip: UV resistant Caps and O-Rings are included; default is Clear. But, depending on roofline and gutter surface colors, to make leds more invisible, you may opt for brown or grey tinted caps.

Item Order: Qty 1 = 25'ft

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The EVERLIGHTS are most advanced permanent LED Christmas lights in the world for the exterior of any home or business. Our version 3 system is now brighter than ever, EverLights are the most robust and dependable light on the market and the only programmable decorative LED light where if one goes out the rest keep working.

Each LED Light Reel includes 25 feet of EverLights, O-rings, and UV resistant caps (33 lights at 9" spacing).
IMPORTANT! Shipping Notes: Each LED Reel of lights can actually hold 50' of lights, but it is ordered 25' at a time. So for example if you order 100' of lights you will receive (2) @ 50', not (4) of 25'.

*Note* Please add a power booster for every 75 feet of lights you purchase.  This will keep your lights their brightest.

​Use of this product may require periodic maintenance, including but not limited to, replacing a light bulb.


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Timelaps Install of channel & to gutters - Time: 00:38

The 3 Must Follow Rules For A Proper Install 

If all else fails, follow these rules and you will be OK. 

1) Never cut any wires with the lights powered. The lights are powered anytime they are plugged into a power source, whether the lights are on or not. Always install with the lights unplugged from all power sources. 
2) Connect like to like wires. The wire labeled “EverLights” only connects to other wires labeled “EverLights”. Same deal for the other two wires. 
3) Keep the direction of the lights constant. Every light has an input and output. They must always connect in to out. The back of every light is labeled and includes an arrow. Ensure all arrows are pointing in the same direction. 

Failure to follow these rules will result in an increased failure rate because of improper power flow. 


Wherever you decide to terminate a run of lights it is very important to properly protect the exposed wires. There are multiple methods to coat the end of the wires, but generally electrical tape, silicone, or liquid electrical tape work best. The purpose of coating the wires is to prevent the positive and wires from coming in contact through water, touching against a piece of metal, or any other conductive material.

A short in the lights will cause improper function and potential damage to the lights in the system. To further protect against a potential short, snip the positive wire an inch shorter than the other wires before coating.


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