EverLights Classic White LEDs - 25'

EverLights Classic White LEDs - 25' (caps included)

IMPORTANT! Shipping Notes: Each LED Reel of lights can actually hold 50' of lights, but it is ordered 25' at a time. So for example if you order 100' of lights you will receive (2) Reels @ 50'not (4) Reels of 25'.

DIY tip: UV resistant Caps and O-Rings are included; default is Clear. But, depending on roofline and gutter surface colors, to make leds more invisible, you may opt for brown or grey tinted caps.

Item Order: Qty 1 = 25'ft

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25′ of EverLights Classic, O-rings, and UV resistant caps (33 lights at 9″ spacing). Classic’s are always warm white and can be controlled with a normal switch, smart outlet, or home automation.

*Note* Requires EverLights Classic Starter Kit.

​Use of this product may require periodic maintenance, including but not limited to, replacing a light bulb.


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